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I’ve Got A Little List…

Well, actually, I’ve got an absolutely enormous list. This list is composed of words – misused words. Words that were used with the best of intentions and left screaming in agony as they were put into a sentence that was rendered amusing, meaningless, or horrifying by their misuse. Words that were typed incorrectly and, due to the vagaries of the spell-checking software and my students’ inability to identify the mistaken word, were wronged and wrongly used.

Since shared pain is lessened, I’ve decided that I have to share. This blog exists so that I can vent my annoyance at all the many, many misused words that my students use in their classwork. I plan on dedicating a short entry to each misuse each time that I run across one. That’s the limit on my posts: this blog will only see a new post when one of my students produces a new gaffe.

I will not identify my students in any way, shape or form. Nor will I identify the school or schools I for which I teach. But through this blog, I hope to give myself a space to vent about badly used words, as well as provide a service for people who honestly do not know their effect from their affect.


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